All guests must check in with the Golf Shop and sign the guest book upon arrival.
The Rules of Golf as adopted by the USGA, and any local rules posted in the Golf Shop, shall govern play at all times.      

In order to enhance the quality of the golfing experience at Friar’s Head, it is imperative that all golfers be committed to play expeditiously. The pace of play shall not exceed four hours for a four-ball or three hours for a three-ball. If a match is unable to maintain the pace of the following match, and there is an open hole immediately ahead, the slower match must let the faster match through, regardless of the number of players in each group.

Caddies are an integral part of playing golf at Friar’s Head. In that spirit, caddies, if available, shall be required to be employed, even when players elect to take a golf cart.  Caddies are not employees of Friar’s Head. They are independent contractors who are employed by the golfer during a round of golf. The golfer is required to pay the caddie directly for his or her services.  

The Superintendent shall determine if course conditions permit the use of carts. Golf carts shall be driven only on the fairways or on trails (or on mowed rough connecting the two), and shall not under any circumstances be driven in the rough, native areas or dunes, or closer than 50 feet from any green or 20 feet from any bunkers, dunes or tees. As a general rule, golf carts shall be permitted on the golf course only in the afternoon. Morning exceptions to this afternoon-only policy shall be made only on a case-by-case basis for age and medical related reasons, provided that requests for such exceptions must be made in advance.
There shall be no golf carts permitted on the par-3 course.
Golf carts shall be operated at the driver’s risk, and Friar’s Head shall not be responsible for damage to carts or property, or for any personal injury. Those driving carts must follow the operating procedures posted on each cart and must also follow all cart directional signs wherever they appear.

Caddies and Players must replace their divots, including those taken on par 3 tees, and if they have broken into small pieces the divot must be filled with sand.

Caddies shall have the primary responsibility for repairing ball marks on the greens, and Guests shall not be permitted to repair ball marks on the greens. Failing to take a few moments to find and properly repair ball marks on the greens shows a lack of respect for both the golf course and your fellow golfers. Since very few players actually know how to properly fix ball marks, please don’t be offended if a member of the Golf Professional Staff, the Caddie Master or a caddie offers instruction in this regard.

Players should enter and leave all bunkers and dunes at their shallowest points, and should never climb their faces or sides.  Caddies will attend to all bunkers and dunes.  When and if you draw poor or plugged lies in the bunkers or dunes, please just remember that bunkers and dunes are hazards.

If lightning is in the area, players should cease play and take shelter immediately.
Employees of Friar’s Head shall be treated with the utmost respect and civility. Any complaints, comments, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any aspect of Friar’s Head or its employees must be made in writing and addressed to the Golf Professional and shall, under no circumstances, be made directly to employees.  No commercial advertisements, solicitations or petitions of any kind shall be originated, solicited,
circulated or posted at Friar’s Head.  No gratuities or fees shall be given by guests to any employee of Friar’s Head.
  No pets of any kind shall be permitted without permission from the Golf Professional.

Proper attire is required while at Friar’s Head. Gentlemen shall wear slacks or Bermuda-length shorts, and their shirts must have sleeves and collars and be tucked in at all times. Golf attire shall be permitted in the clubhouse at all times, provided that slacks and long sleeved collared shirts shall be required for men enjoying dinner in our main dining room. Ladies shall wear slacks, skirts or Bermuda-length shorts, and their shirts, which must have either collars or sleeves, must be tucked in unless they are specifically made to be worn untucked. Flip flops, denim, tank tops, tee shirts, swimwear, tennis apparel, cargo shorts or pants, jogging shorts and other athletic clothing shall not be considered proper attire at any time.  Hats may not be worn backwards and gentlemen shall remove their hats while indoors.  Spikeless or non-metal spiked shoes are required on the golf course and practice facilities. All golf shoes used at other golf facilities must be cleaned by the Locker Room Attendant prior to being used at Friar’s Head. Friar’s Head assumes no liability whatsoever for any injuries or problems of any nature associated with the use of spikeless or non-metal spiked shoes, regardless of whether or not they were supplied by Friar’s Head.
Non- verbal use of your smartphone shall be permitted in the following areas:
  • Locker Room
  • Billiard Room and Library on the second floor of the Clubhouse when these areas are not being used for general member functions
  • Phone Rooms
Use of smartphones, including all of their functions (i.e., phone, email, text, PDA, camera, photo album, etc.), shall continue to be prohibited in all other areas of the club outside of your car, and they shall continue to be concealed from view at all times (not clipped on belt, etc.) outside of the permitted areas set forth above.  Kindles, iPads, etc. shall be considered to be smartphones for these purposes except when they are being used as e-book readers.

Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings. On the golf course or practice facilities, all smoking materials must be disposed of in a proper manner.